About Us

Daniel Jenkins Academy

Principal: Mrs. Dana Hancock-Rodgers
Address: 2670 Bonds Ave.
City & Zipcode: North Charleston, SC 29405
Phone: (843) 747-6609
Fax: (843) 746-7438
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DJA Mission
The mission of Daniel Jenkins Academy is to provide meaningful alternative educational opportunities for students who have experienced behavior challenges, while preparing students to be career, college and citizenship ready.

DJA Vision
DJA is a place where powerful educators encourage students to Keep It REAL!

Guiding Principles

  • Students are responsible for their behavior and academic progress.
  • A safe and structured environment promotes student learning.
  • Students learn in different ways and are provided with a variety of instructional approaches to support their learning.
  • Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, and intellectual needs.
  • Students can learn how to make appropriate decisions in a supportive environment.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement is essential for students to succeed.
  • Parent/guardian support is crucial to the success of students. 

CCSD Mission
To educate and support every child in achieving college, career, and citizenship ready.

CCSD Vision
CCSD is a premier school system in which 

  • Every child is supported in and out of school
  • Every child succeeds academically
  • Every child graduates from high school prepared for employment in the modern workforce or credential completion or post secondary degree
  • Every student, teacher, principal, and staff member is valued and respected with the opportunity to learn every day