Tarikia White

Welcome parents, students, and guests! My name is Tarikia White and I teach Digital Publication Design and facilitate an Edgenuity Lab at Daniel Jenkins Academy. I have been a Career and Technology Educator for over a decade.

I became a career and technology teacher to prepare students for the working world; a world heavily influenced by technology because prior to teaching, I was employed in various business environments and saw firsthand that many young adults lacked fundamental computer and office skills. My primary goals are to equip students with even the most basic, yet necessary skills that provide them with an edge over the competition, while still adhering to curriculum standards.

I am a firm believer in, “If our students can believe it, they can certainly achieve it”.
Course Descriptions

Digital Publication Design: Students will explore various publications designed and maintained via electronic methods (and later converted to tangible products), better known as digital publications. Students will learn and experiment with a wide array of software and hardware to produce customized items such as bookmarks, postcards, business cards, t-shirts, brochures, and more. Through direct instruction, interactive skills demonstrations, and practice assignments, students learn how to create, evaluate, and enhance their own products and hone their real world and workplace 21st century skills.

Edgenuity: Students perform online activities, lessons, and tests according to their variously assigned Edgenuity credit bearing courses.

I look forward to communicating and collaborating with you throughout the school year!

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