Parent / Guardian Responsibilities

We need you! Parents and guardians play important roles in their child's mental, physical, social, educational  and career development. We fully understand life's demands as we're not only educators, we are also mothers, fathers, caretakers and providers too.

Please support your child and ...

1.  Ensure students are present and on time each day.
2.  Discuss the importance of following all school rules with your child.
3.  Personally notify the school office of any change in telephone or address.
4.  Notify the attendance clerk at 843-747-6609 when your child is out of school for any           reason.
5.  Set up appointments by calling the main office number at 843-747-6609 to discuss        concerns with the administrator, counselor, or teacher. Also if the school contacts you,please call back as soon as possible.
6.  Contact the transportation office at 843-745-7083 and the DJA attendance clerk at 843-747-6609 for any issues regarding bus transportation.