Academic Expectations

South Carolina High School Diploma Requirements

In order to receive a SC state high school diploma, the student must attend the high school issuing the diploma for at least the semester immediately preceding graduation, except in the case of a bona fide change of residence to a location where the sending school will not grant the diploma. (State Regulation 43-259)

*All students must take End-of-Course Examinations in order to meet graduation requirements set by the State
Board of Education in the following courses: English 1, Algebra 1 (or Intermediate Algebra), Biology 1 and US History.
** All students must earn one unit of credit in computer science.A unit of credit applied towards the computer science requirement may not be used to meet the math requirements or the Career and Technology Education requirements.
***The student in a College Prep program must earn one unit in a world language. Many colleges and the SC Department of Education recommend that students earn 2-3 units of the same world language. If a student does not plan to enter college, then one unit in career and technology education beyond the computer science unit must be earned.
****A unit of study which meets the Comprehensive Health Requirements must be included in a course completed by the student prior to graduation.