Our Program


The Behavior Management Plan (Level System)

Daniel Jenkins Academy operates  on a five- tiered level system.  Students earn points daily for keeping it R.E.A.L. Keeping it R.E.A.L means being RESPECTFUL, ENGAGED, ACCOUNTABLE, and showing LEADERSHIP. A maximum of 50 points can be earned daily. Level 1 is the most restrictive and Level 5 is preparation to return to the student's home school

Levels are determined bi-weekly based upon academics, attendance, behavior, and daily points. Progression through the levels is made by successful mastery of level requirements. Each student will be assessed by the team every two weeks to determine whether he or she will move up to the next level. Disciplinary actions may directly affect level progression. 

Exit Level 
Level 1: 1000 points
Level 2: 2000 points
Level 3: 3000 points
Level 4: 4000 points
Level 5: 5000 points